Ari Novick Reviews Anger Management and Parenting Classes in Orange County

Dr. Ari Novick Reviews Programs in Orange County

I am constantly amazed at the lack of resources for anger management and parenting classes here in Orange County which is requires as we see many road rage accident reports.  We get phone calls frequently about our programs and how they compare to other agencies they’ve taken classes from and were dissatisfied.  In reviewing our programs vs. the numerous other programs out there in the area there are a few key differences.  Here are some of the most notable ones:

1. We use an organized and systematic approach based on current research.  All participants use a structured curriculum (a workbook that we provide the first time a student arrives).

2. We cover a different lesson each week. This allows students of our classes to walk out of the class feeling like they actually learned something practical that they can use in their daily lives

3. We aren’t providing group therapy.  Oftentimes parenting or anger management classes that aren’t run by trained providers or by psychotherapists with little or no training provide a process group format.  Process groups are not structured and do not teach specific skills.  I’m not against process groups or group therapy but not as it relates to teaching classes.

4. We provide several options for attending classes here in Orange County.  For parenting, you can come any Thursday at 7pm.  Classes are open ended so one can start anytime and the streets around even have parent and child markings from so they are easy to recognize.  For anger management, classes meet at 6pm on either Tuesday or Thursday at our Laguna Beach based office.  We also offer a 4 hour class on the third Saturday of each month.

When calling around looking for a program, really ask hard questions about the program and structure during your review.  Find out who’s teaching the classes and their training.  Not all classes are the same.  Cheap doesn’t mean good, in fact, it might mean just the opposite.

Please take classes with Dr. Ari Novick because of his experience in the field, great sense of humor and structured approach.  Whether you have a court requirement or simply want to refine your skills, classes from AJ Novick Group, Inc will not disappoint.   Call our office at 949-715-2694

Testimonial for Anger Class Online

It’s always nice to get positive feedback from clients and customers who utilize our products and services.  This email came to us today and I thought it would be nice to share:

“I wanted to commend your company on the excellent response we received from the two employees who successfully completed your (12) hour on-line Anger Management course.
Both employees stated that they felt the course curriculum had given them valuable insight into dealing with stress, on the job disagreements and controlling their anger and reactions. I should add that these were unsolicited comments and both men seemed sincerely impressed with how the course material had provided means for personal growth and insight.
Please feel free to use this note as a full endorsement of your products and call with any questions or comments you may have.
Have a wonderful Holiday Season!
To learn more about our online anger management classes for your employees, for court requirements or simply for personal growth, simply click here

Two Simple Rules to Live by to Better Manage Anger

Angry CoupleRule number 1.  Take personal responsibility for everything you do, think, and feel.
Rule number 2. Stop blaming others for your bad behavior.

Is it really that simple?  Well, yah, it is.  It’s true that there are numerous coping skills to better manage and control anger.  I have taught these techniques to anger management students for years.  Communicating better, that’s a no brainer that most people need a little help with.  Becoming more emotionally intelligent.  Sounds easy, but in practice, angry people struggle with this.  Just getting control of our stress.  These are some basic skills that are routinely taught in most anger management programs and by therapists across the country.

I believe that before we start gaining skills we must first embrace these two simple rules.  Let’s explore rule one.  Taking personal responsibility for our thoughts, feelings and behaviors.  No one makes us behave badly nor controls our feelings or thoughts.  Controlling thoughts, feelings and emotions is a choice, a very conscious choice we all make.  One of the wonderful things that sets human beings apart from other animals on the planet, other than our apposing thumbs, is our large brains and high IQ.  What comes with a high IQ?  It is our ability to make choices and not act on instinct every time we get upset.

Let’s take a look at an example of this.  Lets say someone you don’t like insults you and you feel angry and decide to insult them back.  Then they apologize and you feel better.  Who was in control of your thoughts, feelings and behavior?  Sadly, it wasn’t you.  If others can make you angry and just as easily make you feel better, then all the power is handed over to them.  Taking responsibility gives us the freedom and control over ourselves and we can make smarter and more intelligent choices.  The simple rule of taking personal responsibility might sound simple, but it does take practice.

Now, I’d like to examine rule number 2.  Stop blaming others for our bad behavior.  It’s really easy to blame others for our actions.  There are several fundamental problems with this mentality.  The first is that other people don’t really have that control over you (as mentioned above) and the other is that when we behave badly the focus now moves to our behavior and not the topic at hand.  Blaming others is really easy.  When we do this, we shift all the responsibility on to them and its give us license to say or do as we wish.  The problem, of course, is that when we do this, the recipient will often focus on the bad behavior and not the problem.  This can be incredibly frustrating for someone that is looking to get respect for blaming others.

Here’s a case example:  Your wife comes home an hour late, without calling or texting you.  During this hour of waiting you’ve grown angry, insulted, worried and feel disrespected.  As the door opens you launch into yelling at her, expressing your anger.  Your voice is raised, yelling some non-flattering explicative. She storms off into another room and tells you to leave her alone.  Now your upset even more thinking “she’s the one who showed up late without calling and I’m the bad guy?”.  Sound familiar?

Well, you are the bad guy.  Why?  Because instead of taking control of your emotions and behavior, you allowed yourself to blame her for being upset and hostile.  She is now focused on your swearing and yelling rather than your justifiable complaint of her being an hour late.

Stop the blame game and do the right thing, by taking control of your own behaviors and stop giving yourself permission to behave badly.   Following these two simple rules might just be the game changer to happier and healthier relationships.

Ari Novick, Ph.D.
AJ Novick Group, Inc.

AJ Novick Group Re-Approved By Orange County Probation Department

The AJ Novick Group, Inc., founded by Dr. Ari Novick has been providing court and probation approved anger management, parenting and theft education programs for several years.  For the 9th year in a row, the Orange County Probation Department has re-approved the AJ Novick Group to continue to collaborate with Probation and continue to provide these valuable services to the community and the legal system.

Approval from the probation department in Orange County, California is important because anyone who needs to take a court approved program for anger management, parenting or theft education must take the class from their “Approved Probation Provider List”.

While you do not need to have a court requirement to take a program from Ari Novick, Ph.D. or one of his talented instructors, classes can also be taken simply for self-growth and improvement.

All of our classes are geared to be upbeat and enjoyable, but at the same time offer a quality learning experience.  Class sizes are limited to 10 students per class.  Please call to let us know if you would like to attend a class 949-715-2694.

All classes are based in beautiful downtown Laguna Beach, CA.  Come enjoy the sun and gain some new skills too.

Orange County Anger Management Classes offered by Ari Novick, Ph.D.

Dr. Ari Novick offers a wide variety of anger management classes in Orange County.  His agency, AJ Novick Group, Inc. offers court and probation approved anger management classes each week at their Laguna Beach, CA based office.  These group classes meet on Tuesday and Thursday each week at 6pm.  The cost is $35 per class.  Most people will attend 10 classes, but classes can also be taken up to 52 weeks in duration if needed.  Call for more information at 949-715-2694

The Anger management classes are a great way to gain new skills to make relationships better and to interact with others in a more positive way.  Classes are structured, use a sound curriculum and are upbeat and enjoyable.  Feel free to just show up the day of the class or call our office for more information.  Anger management classes meet at:

AJ Novick Group, Inc.
333 Third Street, Suite 4
Laguna Beach, CA 92651

Dr. Novick’s company also provides anger management classes online.  The same curriculum that is used in the in person weekly classes is applied in an online format.  These courses are ideal for those that have busy schedules or can not find a class located conveniently near their home or office.  The online anger classes are a great option for the right circumstance.