Dr. Ari Novick is a CA licensed psychotherapist with a private practice in Laguna Beach, CA. His company, AJ Novick Group, Inc. also provides distance learning education courses on a variety of subjects in the mental health space. His company provides online courses in anger management, alcohol and drug education, parenting, disruptive behavior, sexual harassment, theft prevention, and many more. Dr Novick works closely with the NFL (National Football League), providing fan conduct education classes as well as classes for disruptive fan behavior. His company is also well known for providing programs for disruptive physician behavior. Dr. Novick is the co-author of two well respected books in the field of anger management and parenting (“Anger Management in the Twenty-First Century, 8 Tools for Anger Control” and “Parenting in the Twenty-First Century, 10 Tools for Better Parenting”). The AJ Novick Group has clients ranging from hospitals, public schools systems, national sports leagues, and various other sectors of business and industry. The AJ Novick Group is proud to be entering it’s 14th year in business! For more information about the AJ Novick Group or services Dr. Novick offers please fill out our Contact Us form.