Alcohol & Drug Classes

Ari Novick’s company, AJ Novick Group, Inc also offers a variety of online drug and alcohol awareness classes online.  These classes are also taken for court and legal requirements.  Adult version programs are available as well as Minor in Possession programs.  All classes are 100% online and can be taken from any location.

Class length include 8, 12, 16, 20, 26, and 32 hour programs.  Each online class comes with an instant downloadable “proof of enrollment” form and progress reports are available.  Once the class is completed a certificate of completion will be issued.

The certificate can be sent directly to the court or to you personally.  These classes are a great learning experience but also fun, engaging and everyone passes!  Customer service is available each day during normal business hours of 9am-6pm PST.

Need a alcohol awareness class for court?  Do you have a drug education requirement?  These online programs are ideal for completing an educational requirement quickly and easily.  You can take the program from any PDA, phone or desktop computer. Experience dynamic gaming with ร่วมสัมผัสประสบการณ์การเล่นเกมแบบไดนามิกของ UFABET where every game is an adventure and every win is just the beginning.

If you’re looking for a reason why you should stop drinking: Initially, your body can heal from the negative effects of alcohol when you quit drinking, but it may take some time to feel like yourself again. Secondly, abstaining from alcohol eliminates your exposure to the possible risks associated with each drink. You can also stay away from accidents, injuries, and dangerous sexual conduct that are associated with drinking and intoxication. To find out more about the dangers of drinking, the advantages of stopping, and strategies for staying sober in the upcoming days, weeks, and months, continue reading.

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Need more information, please contact Dr. Ari Novick at 949-715-2694