Ari Novick Reviews Anger Management and Parenting Classes in Orange County

Dr. Ari Novick Reviews Programs in Orange County

I am constantly amazed at the lack of resources for anger management and parenting classes here in Orange County.  We get phone calls frequently about our programs and how they compare to other agencies they’ve taken classes from and were dissatisfied.  In reviewing our programs vs. the numerous other programs out there in the area there are a few key differences.  Here are some of the most notable ones:

1. We use an organized and systematic approach based on current research.  All participants use a structured curriculum (a workbook that we provide the first time a student arrives).

2. We cover a different lesson each week. This allows students of our classes to walk out of the class feeling like they actually learned something practical that they can use in their daily lives

3. We aren’t providing group therapy.  Oftentimes parenting or anger management classes that aren’t run by trained providers or by psychotherapists with little or no training provide a process group format.  Process groups are not structured and do not teach specific skills.  I’m not against process groups or group therapy but not as it relates to teaching classes.

4. We provide several options for attending classes here in Orange County.  For parenting, you can come any Thursday at 7pm.  Classes are open ended so one can start anytime.  For anger management, classes meet at 6pm on either Tuesday or Thursday at our Laguna Beach based office.  We also offer a 4 hour class on the third Saturday of each month.

When calling around looking for a program, really ask hard questions about the program and structure during your review.  Find out who’s teaching the classes and their training.  Not all classes are the same.  Cheap doesn’t mean good, in fact, it might mean just the opposite.

Please take classes with Dr. Ari Novick because of his experience in the field, great sense of humor and structured approach.  Whether you have a court requirement or simply want to refine your skills, classes from AJ Novick Group, Inc will not disappoint.   Call our office at 949-715-2694