Better Business Bureau Features Dr. Ari Novick in Guest Blog

Dr. Ari Novick is one of the nations leading experts in the field of anger management. His agency, AJ Novick Group, Inc. provides both in person and online programs for anger management for individuals, couples, corporations and teens.  He is also a sought after guest speaker who’s online programs are currently used by the NFL and Major League Soccer.

The Better Business Bureau recently asked Dr. Novick to write a guest post on their blog, which can be found here.  The articles addresses some of the lesser known truths about managing anger and controlling ones temper.

A recent review of Anger Management in the Twenty-First Century

Here is a recent review of our anger management curriculum:
Hi Ari,
I wanted to thank you for your thoughtfully constructed workbook, Anger Management for the Twenty-First Century. I have used your book with anger management groups and domestic violence groups and now with individuals in my private practice. It is simple to read and has some very helpful surveys that help to make it more interactive. Perhaps next time I am in Laguna Beach we could meet for coffee if you are open to that. I sometimes get down your way to visit my cousin who also lives in Laguna. I think I respond well to this subject because unlike some other areas of counseling your book gives very specific things to do to make things better. Also if you are in the San Francisco Bay area it might be productive to have you give a training at my old intern site. Think about it.
Dennis Y., MFT
For more information or to purchase, please visit Amazon Here.

Can Emotional Intelligence Be Learned?

A very interesting article came out in the New York Times this weekend on Emotional Intelligence and it’s application to early intervention among children.  The article discusses how social emotional learning can have positive impact on future out come.  Primarily the ability for empathy starting early is crucial for success.

“Social-emotional learning programs often rely on strategies from conventional therapy, like the ability to get distance on a feeling, or to unpack the deeper emotions that may be hidden within it. But fostering these skills in a child is a complex undertaking. For a child to master empathy, Jones notes, she first needs to understand her own emotions: to develop a sense of what sadness, anger or disappointment feels like — its intensity and duration, its causes. That awareness is what lays the groundwork for the next step: the ability to intuit how another person might be feeling about a situation based on how you would feel in a similar circumstance.”  Read more.

As a provider of anger management curricula, I know how Important gaining skills in emotional intelligence is for becoming socially aware and more attuned to others.  While anger management isn’t the single solution for social emotional learning, many would be surprised to learn that emotional intelligence training is part of learning how to improve ones anger.

United States Marine Corps Uses Century Anger Management

For the last several years, the United States Marine Corps has utilized the anger managementMarine corps curriculum written by Drs. Ari Novick and Tony Fiore.  The anger management program is taught on all 16 military installations throughout the U.S. as well as several locations abroad.  The ease of use of this program coupled by the simplicity of the client workbooks make the anger management program a smart choice for any large or small organization.  The military also utilizes the volume discount option provided on our website, so purchases of a 100 books or more get reduced by over 30%.  The anger management certification training can be completed online or through a home study/DVD option.

If you want to learn more about this program, or call 949-715-2694

Dr. Ari Novick Featured in Men’s Fitness Story on Stress Management

In the leisure section of Men’s Fitness today, Dr. Ari Novick was featured in a story on stress management called “Fifteen Simple Strategies for Managing Stress”.  The story discusses ways of better managing stress, which is often a contributing factor in many psychological and physical problems.

The story is by Maggie Parker:

When stress strikes, it’s hard to rationalize a way out of the hole it feels like you’re buried in. The best you can do is prepare in advance so that when you are in over your head, whether it’s from work, relationships, finances, or just a stalled subway car, you know exactly what to do to crawl out of that dark hole. To help you nail down a stress survival plan, we booked some time with three of the best stress doctors out there, who shared these 15 quick-hits for getting out of a maddening situation.


1. Go Outside: Fresh air is nature’s antistress medication. Use this as an excuse to set aside time for your favorite adventures, like hiking, biking, or surfing. “If you like the activity, then you’ll be more inclined to do it more frequently, which will help ward off stress,” says Ari Novick, Ph.D., a therapist specializing in stress management.

2. Master Time Management: “Those who plan well tend to feel less stressed,” notes Novick. He suggests going at your tasks like this: Tackle more difficult to-do-list items early in the day, week, or month, and save easier duties for later in the day, week, or month. “We have more time and more energy earlier in the day, week, or month than if we wait until a deadline,” he explains.

3. Set Boundaries: Learn the power of saying no. “While most people like to please others, doing it too often results in overextension, which leads to stress,” warns Novick. Don’t commit to things you can’t or don’t want to do. You’ll thank yourself for it later.

Want to read more?  Click here

Ari Novick Recently Interviewed On MSNBC “Caught On Camera”

Dr. Ari Novick was recently featured on the 100th anniversary of MSNBC show “Caught on Camera”.  The show featured Dr. Novick as an anger management expert discussing some of America’s most angry outbursts caught on camera by others who witnessed the event first hand.  Dr. Novick was able to discuss and give expert opinion on why people behave badly.

Some of the vignettes included episodes of road rage, fast food ordering gone bad, and other displays of public aggression.  Shortly we will feature a video segment of the show on this topic.  Caught on Camera is a documentary style show and each episode new experts are brought on for each episode to discuss their viewpoints of the topics being covered.  The episode Dr. Novick was featured highlighted why people behave badly.  A topic that is interesting to almost anyone.