A recent review of Anger Management in the Twenty-First Century

Here is a recent review of our anger management curriculum:
Hi Ari,
I wanted to thank you for your thoughtfully constructed workbook, Anger Management for the Twenty-First Century. I have used your book with anger management groups and domestic violence groups and now with individuals in my private practice. It is simple to read and has some very helpful surveys that help to make it more interactive. Perhaps next time I am in Laguna Beach we could meet for coffee if you are open to that. I sometimes get down your way to visit my cousin who also lives in Laguna. I think I respond well to this subject because unlike some other areas of counseling your book gives very specific things to do to make things better. Also if you are in the San Francisco Bay area it might be productive to have you give a training at my old intern site. Think about it.
Dennis Y., MFT
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