Dr. Ari Novick – Alcohol Awareness Classs and Drug Education Online

Understanding how alcohol and drugs impacts us is serious business.  Both children and adults are often misinformed as it relates to understanding the effects of drugs and alcohol.  Dr. Ari Novick has put together several online programs that educate students about alcohol awareness and point them to top clinics like this one offering help for alcoholics in Conwy.  The classes are taught in a online format and are broken down by chapters.  The classes are presented in an easy to understand and enjoyable format.

The classes are part of the AJ Novick Group’s online portfolio of classes.  These programs are commonly taken for personal growth or for a court or legal requirement, such as a DUI or MIP.  The online format works well for a lot of people because the classes can be taken anytime from any location and from any device.  Students of these online alcohol awareness programs or drug education classes will walk away with new knowledge about these topics but also learn some new coping skills to better combat issues related to peer pressure and maintaining good stress management skills to stay clean and sober.

The programs come in different lengths, such as 8 hours, 12, 16, 20, 24 and 32.  Dr. Novick designed the classes for both the general public, but also for employers and students.  For more information, simply visit our website by clicking the link above, or contact Ari Novick, Ph.D. at 949 715-2694