New Marijuana Education Class Online from Alcohol Drug Class™

Marijuana is single handedly the most commonly used drug in the United States as of January 2014.  While there are close to 20 states that have allowed the use of marijuana for the treatment of certain illnesses, the drug can cause serious problems for those that casually use.

Problems with marijuana range from physical issues to psychological issues as well as legal problems that come with the illegal possession and consumption of the drug.

Alcohol Drug Class recently created a new online course for those cited for a possession of marijuana, possessino of paraphanelia, or under the influence of marijuana or THC.  Typically when someone is arrested or issued a citation for having marijuana in their possession they will be required to completed a marijuana education class by the court.  The court or ones probation officer will want to make sure they completed an educational program by a licensed provider.

These online educational classes teach students about the risks of using marijuana as well as the legal ramifications that the drug can play on ones life.  Marijuana can have a wide range of effects, and often can alter ones mental health and cardio-pulmonary health.  Think twice before smoking and make better choices.  Remember, pot smoking IS smoking, and in most cases is illegal.