Parent Certification Training on the Rise!

Most parent educators have few choices when it comes to getting certified to teach parenting classes.  Existing programs either do not offer a well structured training program or locations for certification are out of reach or too expensive.

The AJ Novick Group, in connection with developed a state of the art parent certification training in 2013, which has been slowing gaining momentum as one of the leading training programs in the nation.  Parent educators not only learn to teach a 10 step model to parents, but also learn the nuts and bolts of starting their own parenting class business.

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New Parent Instructor Certification-Teach Parenting Classes

The AJ Novick Group, Inc. just launched a new parenting certification training program for facilitators.  Ever want to teach your own parenting classes or need some specialized training for your agency or private practice?  This new 40 hour parent instructor training is an ideal way to gain a powerful new certification in a growing niche.  Parent instructors are in high demand because there are so many parents going through divorce, separation, custody and other related legal disputes that require parenting programs.

Most state courts will require parents to attend either a parenting or co-parenting class as part of their requirements for anything involving children.  Most parent instructors are either licensed mental health professionals or para professionals with little training, but experience working in the field.

The AJ Novick Group has developed a structured curriculum using our client workbook, “Parenting in the Twenty-first Century, 10 tools for better parenting”, which every student of a parenting class will use in class sessions.  The training teaches parent instructors how to teach classes, set up a business, gain court approval and set up group and individual class session.  Click here to learn more about our parent instructor training certification.