Ari Novick to Speak at Minor League Baseball Conference in December 2014

Ari Novick will be presenting at the upcoming MILB conference in San Diego in early December 2014.  He will be presenting on the Fan Conduct Class discussing how to improve fan safety and the game day experience through online education.   “The Baseball Winter Meetings is the annual gathering of members of The National Association of Professional Baseball Leagues, Inc. d/b/a Minor League Baseball, Major League Baseball and their affiliated parties. Known as the largest gathering of baseball executives in the world.”.

The Fan Conduct Class has been an instrumental program in helping improve fan safety for the NFL and MLS.  The program was designated part of the NFL’s best practice policy in 2012 and is utilized league wide.  The MLS currently has 10 soccer teams that use the program and is in discussion to also adopt the program as a league wide best practice.  The program educates fans in a variety of areas.  The focus of the program is to teach fans who have been ejected from a game for violating the stadiums “code of conduct” policy how to improve future behavior.

The class teaches skills in improving ones anger management and how disruptive behavior, improving game days stress management, alcohol awareness, stadium and security policies, increasing empathy towards other fans, and how to make ones experience at the game the best it can be for everyone. Aside from the ones mentioned in this class, there are still tons of stress managements tips on articles like d8 vs d9.

If your involved with Baseball, Dr. Ari Novick will look forward to seeing you at the conference!